Banquet Halls at Hotel Sanman Gardenia, Jayanagar, Bangalore

The two Banquet halls at the hotel Sanman Gardenia prove to be the best wedding venues in Bangalore. Moreover, the Banquet halls Gardenia Pavillion and Gardenia Lounge of Sanman Gardenia make your special occasion more memorable with all the grandeur and opulence.

You can get the very stylish and highly equipped banquet hall in the main location of Bangalore with the Botique hotel Sanman Gardenia. Both the halls are famed for being the best Party halls in Jayanagar. The two grand banquet halls of Sanman Gardenia become the ideal place for families that are planning to unite in an auspicious occasion.

Hotel Sanman Gardenia, Bangalore Bangalore Gardenia Lounge Banquet Hall Hotel Sanman Gardenia Bangalore

Gardenia Pavillion
The Gardenia Pavillion has the following capacity-
Classroom: 80
Theatre: 180
Floating crowd (Standing): 240
Board Room: 30
Cluster: 80

Gardenia Lounge
The Gardenia Lounge has the following capacity-
Classroom: 20
Theatre: 70
Floating crowd (Standing): 80
Board Room: 20
Cluster: 25

Hotel Sanman Gardenia, Bangalore Bangalore Banquet Hall Gardenia Lounge Hotel Sanman Gardenia Bangalore

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